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Chips and Dip

shagbark heirloom popped corn


tajin/ lime/ salt

pickled veggies


jalapeño/ carrot/ cauliflower

potato salad


corn/ hatch chili/ pickled egg/ tajin/ cilantro

taco salad


baby iceberg/black olives/crushed corn chips/queso fresco/lime dressing

chips n salsa


donkey corn chips/ red & green salsa



cotija cheese/ radish/ mint/ oregano/ tajin/ lime

smashed avocado


smoked tomatillo/ lime/ cilantro/ fried garlic

shagbark bbq baked beans


pickled onion

cheese dog


beef and pork dog/ketchup/mustard

smoked duck dog


bbq beans/ queso/ onion/ cilantro/ mayo/ hot mustard

tofu "chorizo" tacos


avocado/ cilantro/ onion/ jalapeño

shagbark pinto bean taco


jalapeño crema/ pickled egg/ cilantro/ onion

bbq chicken tacos


sarsaparilla bbq/ sesame/ queso/ cilantro

shredded pork taco


adobo sauce/pico/chilis

beef picadillo taco


chihuahua cheese/black olives/shredduce/salsa/crema


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